FROM THE DIRECTOR,  In 1990 God called me to speak for him and about three years later ,he gave me a vision of an out reach center and it was to be called ,Orderded by God, From that day on I began to feed ,cloth , speak his word ,and give my testimony . Eight months later I received a word from the lord in my kitchen as I was washing the dishes, and this time my daughter Marie was present .One of the things that God said  to me that day was that Ordered by God would be on television . I was thinking that maybe some television station would do an interview  with me about Ordered by God ,That was not what God meant. To my surprise ,Ordered by God began its frist television ministry in Charlotte NC! We have been on television for almost two years now and have recently expanded our viewing area to Winson Salem NC. Ordered by God is now being seen in over more than 170,000 homes! God is so good and I give him The honor and all of the praise . I don`t know why God chose me for this task , but I do know that it was God that spoke to me about this ministry , and by faith I take one day at a time as the Holy Spirit leads and guides me. God has supplied every need for  the ministry from the very beginning. He has opened doors and given Ordered by God favor with man and I thank him. 


                God Bless

       Prophetess D. Patterson

" Remember that God loves you and so do I! "

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